Is activating my account required to register? 
No, you will have a free basic not-active account for the lifetime of your registration that includes 2 photo slots, all information entry including resume, contact, physical information, and full search visibility to me based on the information on your account.

Why should I pay to activate my account in your database? 
Activation can bring you a number of marketing tools like printable materials, public website links, and you can add audio or video slot uploads to your account once you activate. All transactions go to AgencyPro Software directly.

Is there an additional cost for audio or video? 
Yes, there is a one-time fee of $40/slot to activate a slot and then the slot is available for uploading for the lifetime of your account with no additional costs for switching out audio/video. All transactions go to AgencyPro Software directly.

Why do I have to type in my resume instead of uploading? 
You type in your resume information so that it is all keyword searchable for me and it looks professional in my template and I can easily locate the information by the organized sections. If you have a word document you can copy/paste or drag and drop each field entry. Contact Agency Pro Support for technical assistance if you experience issues with entering your resume at 610-747-0966 Option ‘3’.

Do I still need to register with you if I already have an AgencyPro account with another casting company or agent? 
YES! Each AgencyPro database is private. If you wish to be considered for my projects you must have at least the free basic account in my system so I can locate you in my searches!
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